There are 20 lock stations some with multiple locks along the course which must be portaged. Locking through the canals is not permitted. Portage routes around lock station are clearly marked along the way and must be followed by all racers.

Portaging Support for Adventure Class Racers – Support crews can provide portaging assistance to all Adventure Class racers. This includes lifting the craft out of the water, portaging it around the lock station, and putting the craft back in the water. Portaging devices (e.g. portaging trailers) are allowed to be used by Adventure class racers and their support crews.

Portaging Support for Competitive Class Racers – Assistance of any form which would help the progress of a craft on the race course, including but not limited to, portaging, lifting a craft out of water, pushing or pulling a craft are not permitted. Assistance in holding the craft for the purpose of stabilizing the boat is permitted. While support crews may also bring portaging trailers for competitive racers, they may not assist in lifting or tying down the craft. The only exceptions to these rules are at Old Slys and Long Island lock stations where portaging assistance may be provided due to increased difficulty in navigating the terrain

For driving directions to each lock station, please see the Support Crews page

Lock Station Distance from Start (km) Portage Distance (m) Portage Map & Racer Notes
START – Cataraqui Canoe Club                  ***6AM START***
Kingston Mills Locks #47-49 13.9 355 View Map
Lower Brewers (Washburn) Lock #45 29.8 124 View Map
Upper Brewers Locks #43-44 32.6 46 View Map
Jones Falls Locks #40-42 49.9 309 View Map
Davis Lock #38 57.1 115 View Map
Chaffeys Lock #37 60.4 199 View Map  ***4PM CUTOFF***
Newboro Lock #36 68.3 150 View Map
Narrows Lock #35 76.7 60 View Map  ***7PM CUTOFF***
Poonamalie Lock #32 108 170 View Map
Smiths Falls Detached Lock #31 111.7 70 View Map  ***1AM CUTOFF***
Smiths Falls Combined Lock #29a 112.3 70 View Map
Old Slys Locks #26-27 113.7 70 View Map
Edmunds Lock #25 116.4 31 View Map
Kilmarnock Lock #24 122.4 91 View Map
Merrickville Lock #23 134.9 200 View Map
Clowes Lock #20 138.6 126 View Map
Upper Nicholsons Lock #19 139.4 62 View Map
Burritts Rapids Lock #17 145.1 48 View Map  ***8AM CUTOFF***
Long Island Locks #14-16 185.8 173 View Map  ***3PM CUTOFF***
Black Rapids Lock #13 194.1 95 View Map
FINISH – Rideau Canoe Club 200.7 (TOTAL) 2564m (TOTAL)                  ***6PM CUTOFF***

***Race cut-off times only apply to full distance 200KM race format

For more information on lock stations and portage routes, please visit www.rideauheritageroute.ca